Friday, September 2, 2016

Samsung recalling new Galaxy Note 7 due to Battery issues.

From Today's Skimm  9/2/2016...

Samsung is pressing ‘pause’ on the sale of its new smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. That’s because of an issue with the batteries in some of the devices, which has reportedly caused some phones to explode while charging. Not a good look, and a literal backfire of Samsung’s plan to one-up Apple’s smartphone game. Samsung says it will issue replacements for anyone who bought the phone.

If you are worried or have questions about this issue,  contact your nearest samsung service center. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tail Wags

New MEB Website
This past week was the launch of our brand new MEB Management Corporate website! We have been working on this for months, and we are excited to offer a contemporary and relevant new look, that will attract a wide array of business opportunities for our entire Mebbie family!
A huge tail wag to all involved with this enormous task.  It looks great!! Thank you Christy Alvarado, Katie Danzer, Heidi Pearce, Wendi Bergeson, Susan Kauffman, all of the Asset Directors who helped with their input, Gaylan Hanson, Melanie Morrison and Mark Schilling. Check it out if you have not already!

Phoenix Reverse Tradeshow - MEB won the "Best Use of Theme" award

The tail wag for Charlene Wooters, Gaylan Hanson, Christy Alvarado, Heidi Pearce, Monica Gatlin, Dawn Means, Jo Gamboa, Debbie Holder, Jonita Beisgen, Ann Boomsma, Erin Delaney, Vicki Bishop, and Sandra Giambanco for helping to setup and meet with the vendors.  

Tucson Corporate Office Team Members
A tail wag to our Tucson Office team who helped celebrate the International Day of Happiness by joining the Do Happy Today flash mob on Friday March 20th.

TUCSON TAKES PART IN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS - As part of tomorrow's celebration of global happiness, Tucson will have a Do Happy Today flash mob between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Jacome Plaza at the Main Library downtown. The dance group Dancing in the Streets will choreograph the Tucson Happy Dance. 
International Day of Happiness:

Tucson Mebbies celebrate International Day of Happiness with Mayor Rothschild

Sycamore Square Team
Last week there was a gunman who thru a series of events shot the maintenance supervisor at one of our competitor's communities 4 times! Thankfully he survived. The day following the incident, the Sycamore team took it upon themselves to visit the community with flowers to show support and offer assistance if needed.  Great Job of Community Outreach Sycamore Square Team!  

Townhomes on the Park Team
Provided Community Outreach support by providing leasing tours to 2 groups of students from a local high school who are developmentally challenged.  The teachers are working hard to prepare these students for adulthood, including what to look for when looking for an apartment.  HUGE TAIL WAG to Natalie, Kristy & Drew for their hospitality!  The property looked great!  And their interaction with the students was incredible.  The tours went great, so a HUGE THANKS to the Townhomes team for an exceptional job!

Country Brook Team
I did want to take this opportunity to single out Team Country!!!!  They are showing up on the box score report as 100% leased!!!  An amazing push by Jessica and her team, as I can't tell you how long how much of a fight we have been through in stabilizing occupancy at their site the past couple of years.  Thrilled to see the hard work, dedication, and commitment of Jessica and her team is paying off!!!  GREAT JOB TEAM COUNTRY!!!  Please be sure to give Jessica and her team a "shout out" of a job well done!

Jonita Beisgen
Jonita Beisgen, one of our awesome Mebbies in Phoenix, found a website that will help with rental assistance for folks located in Maricopa and Pima counties.  We will add this to our our B.A.M. Resources in the Mebbies Area.  This is the link

Copper Ridge and Springs at Gilbert Meadows Teams
Copper Ridge and Springs at Gilbert Meadows TEAMS - GREAT JOB successfully closing escrow at each site. Thank you for all your hard work! – Kim Hinkle

Wendi Nash (Executive Assistant, Phoenix)
Thank you for helping me successfully get the APS power on at Springs at Gilbert Meadows. GREAT JOB! –Kim Hinkle

Monica Gatlin (Asset Director Assistant)
Words can't express my gratitude and thanks for all you did to help me successfully close escrow at Copper Ridge and Springs at Gilbert Meadows. THANK YOU and GREAT JOB!!

Judie Albano and Stephen Murphy (Accounting)
Thank you for all you did to help us successfully close escrow including the extra requests for income/expense pro-rations. GREAT JOB! 

Kim Hinkle
Thank you Kim! Much agreed! Tail Wags to everyone involved. :) 
And to Kim as well for her motivation and detailed, positive professionalism!!! Great Job!!!

Sandra Giambanco and the Bell Tower Team
A huge tail wag to the Bell Tower team for taking a few minutes out of their busy day to call and welcome the new Mebbies at West 35th, that MEB took over last week. 

Kendra Shorter, Julie Chaves and Laury Manville (Accounting)
Thank you to Kendra and Julie for a quick turn around on audit requests, they had requests for two properties within a day.  Thank you!
Thank you and tail wag to Laury Manville for taking the time to train our newest Mebbie to the Tucson Office Jessica Woolfolk. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tail Wags

Lisa Powers (Accounts Payable)
A tail wag to Lisa for jumping in to help by providing the needed reports that our client requested on 3 sites that are not all under her responsibility. Lisa, you are the best, thanks much for assisting, the can-do and team first approach to all you do! - Dalia

Carolyn Odell (Arcadia Cove)
A tail wag to Carolyn Odell of Arcadia Cove for catching an error in lead tracking reports that affected us Mebbie-wide. Carolyn checked the weekly report and compared it Arcadia Cove's management of leads in L2L, and found them to be conflicting. Consequently, Tracie Culler contacted L2L and they informed her of the error in reporting. Great work, Carolyn for your due diligence in following up with leads and for reviewing the reports!

Kim Davis - Asset Director – Tucson/Sierra Vista
A big tail wag for Kim Davis for a successful investor audit/site visit at Vista del Norte this morning plus since she had to spend the night in Sierra Vista last night she arranged for a 'meet and greet' with all of the properties after work, Leslie and Kimberly’s sites included.  She thought it would be good to get all of them together to promote team work.

Piper – Indigo Creek
This tail wag was posted to Indigo Creek’s Facebook page

KUDO'S - I wanted to take a moment to express how AWESOME PIPER is. Piper is a Leasing Agent at Indigo Creek. She is Incredible. Always greets you with a Smile. A Total Professional in every sense of the word. She makes you feel welcome and at home when you come into the office. I Love living here at Indigo Creek and one of the reasons I chose to live here was Piper. Piper's representation of this Community coupled with the Beautiful Spacious Apartment I was shown was definitely what made me want to live here. I Love Indigo Creek, Piper is Amazing, It is my hope that she will continue to work for Indigo Creek at this location. If I was an employer I would do whatever needed to be done to make sure she would want to stay with my Company. Indigo Creek should do the same.”

Jennifer and Nina (Estates on Maryland) and Adam (Indigo Creek)
A BIG Thank-You to Jennifer for assisting at Indigo Creek on a very short notice and to Nina for volunteering to fill in on a Monday. It is so good to see our teams help each other with no hesitation.

Another Thank-You goes to Adam for his can-do and upbeat attitude while his office team members were sick, and having to work alone until Nina from Estates on Maryland arrived.

Dalia Bureker and the Arcadia Cove Team
Dalia and the Arcadia Cove Team received this amazing tail wag from the client!

Dalia, what can I say, but….truly amazing performance at Arcadia.  Just incredible!!”

Papago Crossings Team
I joined Papago team at their huddle today.  Great team, great spirit, high moral, great performance, well maintained grounds and a good turn. It was a joy.  Thank you and the team! – Dalia Bureker

Springs at Gilbert Meadows Team
WOW . . . . . 95.21% occupied, 99.13% leased and 96.51% trending. GREAT JOB Tiffany and Team!
So proud of all your hard work. THANK YOU! -Kim Hinkle

A remarkable way to close The Springs.  Kudos for a fantastic performance and for representing your community, clients, MEB and yourselves so well. We are proud of you! –Dalia Bureker

Elva and Emily – Fiesta Village
We received a phone message from a vendor who is very impressed with our office team at Fiesta Village. His message said they are always greeting him cheerfully, ready to help and able to multitask when busy. Elva and Emily make him feel welcome resulting in a pleasant customer experience. According to him (and of course we echo it) they deserve a praise, so here is a tail wag your way!

Thanks much for being caring, your love of working at Fiesta Village is noticed by our vendors.

Lisa Ashley and the Summit Ridge, Sedona Point, Sienna Ridge and Verrano Park Teams
A big tail wag to Lisa Ashley and all of the team members, the properties and teams look fantastic!
Sedona Point – 92%, Sienna Ridge – 94%, Verrano Park – 90% and Summit Ridge – 88%

Sharon Beck, Susan Kauffman, Jayanne Baker, Dawn Means and Charlene Wooters
Tail wag and thank you for a fantastic in-depth market report they put together for a client on a new development in Prescott Valley.

Gaylan Hanson and MEB
Gaylan Hanson has received an award on behalf of MEB for all that MEB has done to fight childhood hunger. MEB was the recipient for the Hunger Hero Award.

BH Properties
A big tail wag to the BH Phoenix Teams, the portfolio is at 96% again this week! Great job!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tail Wags

Avilla Tucson
Avilla Tucson had 23 rentals last week, great job Avilla Team!!!

Kerri Zeiner-McIntire (Asset Director)
MEB received an email from a client thanking Kerri for all of her hard work. The client is now transferring his other three properties to MEB because of the great job Kerri is doing with the portfolio.  Thank you Kerri!!

Sierra Vista Mebbies
Susan gave a huge tail wag to those Sierra Vista Mebbies that attended the Leasing 101 class last week; they were all very professional and very involved in the class.  A tail wag also to their Asset Directors Kim Davis and Kimberly Gallant for hiring such great Mebbies and making sure they all attended the class.

Dee Pesqueira (Tierra Luna/Sol) Lisa Powers and Lori Gillespie (Tucson Corporate)
A big thank you to Dee, Lisa and Lori for representing MEB at the AMFC Big Hearts for Little Hands Fun Run on Saturday morning. 

Phoenix Average Occupancy – 94.42%

Tucson Average Occupancy – 92.30

Flagstaff Average Occupancy – 94.59%

Friday, March 6, 2015

Tail Wags

BH Phoenix Portfolio
95.96% occupied and trending 95.51%

Biltmore on the Lake Maintenance
The maintenance team at Biltmore on the Lake received this tail wag through the properties resident portal.
We just wanted you to know how awesome your maintenance is. We were going to move and we are so glad we didn’t we love our home. Jerry was so concerned about us not having hot water he assured us it would be fixed and we believed him. He called me every day and gave us a status report on the progress. Today we finally have hot water he is the best. Frank also is very nice and does his job well. We are so pleased with your maintenance thank you so much.”

Judie Albano and Julie Chaves (Accounting)
A big tail wag to Judie and Julie for working through the weekend to deliver financials on time.

Thank you for completing Indigo Creek's financials over the weekend after a long and careful review by our clients and their accountant. 

The team at Shorebird has done an excellent job – 100% leased!!!

The team at Shorebird has done an excellent job – 100% leased!!! Client visited and said the building has never looked better!

Dawn Means and Lisa Powers
A big thank you to Dawn and Lisa for all of their hard work getting the vendors and payables for the all of the new properties entered.

Leslie and Brett – Galeria Del Rio
Great job Leslie and Brett, they have been averaging 5 rentals per week at Galeria Del Rio and are on track to complete the lease up 60 days early.

Entire Tucson Portfolio
Wow, big tail wag to all of the Tucson properties, the MEB Tucson portfolio is at 92% occupied!

Natalie Jacobs
Thank you to Natalie Jacobs, Community Manager from Townhomes/University Park for helping out Biltmore on the Lakes.

Rasheida Napier

Tail Wag to Rasheida Napier, Community Manager from Desert Place, for getting a complement from current resident for her excellent customer service and turning her experience into a really positive one.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tail Wags

Danielle – La Borgata
I wanted to give a big tail wag to Danielle at La Borgota. She is always willing to go the extra mile and help out a fellow Mebbie! I really appreciate all she has done to help out Palm Valley. She is the best!!!

Madera Point, Estates at Maryland and The Point at the Foothills
“Vicki, Lacy and Jennifer – you and your teams have really dug in and your hard work is paying dividends.  The results speak for themselves – and I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the tenacity and persistence.  Great occupancy movement, excellent rent increases and outstanding closing ratios.
Keep up the great work.” – MEB Client

Kim Hinkle and Gaylan Hanson
“Kim - You have done an outstanding work getting this done.  Please remind me to take you out to lunch.  You guys are the best.  I will also reluctantly have to add Gaylan Hanson too for Lunch for doing OUTSTANDING work in resolving the Pool issue.  You know Gaylan, I am just kidding when I said reluctantly ----.

I will also like to add Mark Schilling to the Lunch Party for Hiring such efficient and competent persons like yourself and Gaylan Hanson.  You guys are the best.” – MEB Client

Shawn Williams (Indigo Creek) and Sean Pereida (Arcadia Cove)
“Shawn Williams, Porter from Indigo Creek was requested on very short notice to come to Arcadia Cove and help the maintenance team complete their quarterly smoke detector/filter replacement on our 432 units.  He very graciously agreed and arrived at 7:00 AM with a smile and quickly integrated himself with the maintenance team.  As is usually the case, something unusual tends to happen when at a new or different property.  Sean Pereida and Shawn entered an apartment of one of our long standing residents and unfortunately discovered a deceased body.  Like the pro that Shawn is, he took it like a trooper and they contacted me so that I could contact the police and both expressed their remorse when I met them at the apartment and then said they needed to get back to completing their inspections.

Please give a great big Tail Wag to both Shawn and Sean for their hard work and professionalism all day even after finding a deceased resident!” – Pamela Stulken, Community Manager

Mary Martin – The Van Buren
Received a thank you note from a friend of one of Mary's residents at The Van Buren.
She did it again!! She was able to help her resident during a medical emergency and saved her life! Thank you Mary Martin you are the best! – Luz Bruscini

“[Resident] only told me Saturday night of her accident/medical emergency. Again, you were aware, available, willing, and went to her aid, lifesaving this time!
Expressing appreciation, gratitude, thanks, is so inadequate. I am only capable of sending this note. I truly believe you are one of Gods Earth Angels.” – From the friend of a resident.

Donna Ballato – Arcadia Cove
A tail wag to Donna Ballato, the Assistant Manager at Arcadia Cove. She is closing the month with only $2.20 in delinquency, which is super impressive at a 432-unit community. Way to go Donna!

Trails at San Tan
A two year resident, contacted Carol to commend the San Tan team for the great job they did helping her. She said management is amazing and she wanted everyone at corporate to know.

Kim Hinkle and the Sonoma Grand Team
The client gave a compliment to Kim and the Sonoma Grand team for all the great work they have done there.

Gina Lugo
A big tailwag for Gina on all that she did to have a successful open enrollment in both Phoenix and Tucson. Thank you also to Gaylan Hanson for his help with the setup.

A big tail wag to the Tablerock team, when MEB took over management of the property a week ago they were trending at 87% and had no move-ins pending.   Since the takeover, the team has rented 9 apartments.

Fiesta Village Team
Fiesta Village for maintaining 100% occupancy and lease for the past month.  The owner has raised the rents and the team keeps leasing the apartments.

Jessica Valdez
A big tail wag to Jessica from the Accounting and Accounts Payable team.  She has been working hard the last 3 weeks preparing files and training for an audit inspection and her hard work was an asset to the property.  Thank you also to Accounting and Accounts Payable for letting the Phoenix team borrow her for 3 weeks.

Judie Albano – Director of Asset Accounting
Thank you to Judie for taking time during her vacation to be on a call with clients.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tail Wags

I want to tail wag everybody!!!
I've been seeing so much hard work and team first happening.

AP and Accounting and Sharon, Laura, Garret and Conner for all the extra work with audits and filing and illnesses and staff shortages and the paint project.  Whew it's been a lot but they always get it done and never fail to smile and offer others help.

Thank you Gloria Chivers for filling in 20 hours a week at Glenstone for several weeks while we hired a manager.

Ranya Sullivan at Casa del Sol
Nicole Suarez at Santa Fe Springs
Kathy Kreuser at Vista del Norte for consistently maintaining 95% or better occupancy and making it look so easy! – Kim Davis

Villagio Maintenance Team
A tail wag to the Villagio maintenance team for responding to a service request within 5 minutes of the call and fixing his heating unit. The team sure impressed/"shocked" our resident for acting so fast. Also kudos to Dave, our newest leasing agent who took the call and communicated it to our maintenance team promptly. Thank you, Team Villagio! – Dalia Bureker

Galeria De Coronado
I would like to extend a tail wag to our community maintenance tech, Robert Abril, last Saturday due to the hard freeze our community had 18 pipes burst at our resident's home.  Robert came in and resolved all of the issues in a very efficient manner; he made sure that all of the residents were not inconvenienced and water was restored quickly.  He was able to do this entire job without having to call in any vendors and with minimal cost in comparison, a huge thank you from our team and also many of our residents who reached out to recognize and thank him for his hard work!  - Lupe Cooper, Community Manager

Sally – Sunrise Ridge
One of our clients made a point today of pointing out what GREAT service he had from Sally at Sunrise Ridge! He was helping friends relocate and had been through an awful experience that day.

They decided to tour Sunrise Ridge and said that Sally was absolutely FLAWLESS in her presentation! Kudos to Sally! – Alison Stulce

Fiesta Village Team
Fiesta Village Team, so nice to get this acknowledgement from St Mary's food bank. Many will benefit & appreciate your efforts and residents' donations.
Thank you so much for hosting a food drive and donating to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. It has been so important during this Holiday Season.
Your continued support and contributions have helped provide hope and meals for so many of Arizona’s hungry!

Francisca and Eduardo – Summit Ridge
We would like to give a Thank You to two employees, Francisca Martinez and Eduardo Bello, who have been doing an awesome job over the past two months. They have been handling all work orders, on call emergency calls and turning apartments without a Maintenance Supervisor in place.
Francisca quickly stepped into the role of scheduling the outside vendors for housekeeping, painting, carpets and resurfacing and also ordered parts needed.
Both did an incredible job over the holiday season keeping on top of work orders and in turn kept the residents happy.  On January 5th there was only 1 work order pending and it was an exterior light that an outside vendor was taking care of.  

Villagio Team

I just have to give a shout out to my team, maintenance and office staff alike. We originally had a goal of 20 rentals and 12 renewals for the month. I had to keep increasing the goals as we were doing so well, and ultimately we had a goal of 35 rentals and 15 renewals. I am so proud to say that with everyone working together, we just rented our 35th apartment and had our 20th renewal signed for the month of January!! Great job Team Villagio! – Pam Kiriakidis