Monday, August 27, 2012

Whose Tail is Waggin This Week?

Courtney Herbert (Georgetown)
As you know Courtney has been with us since the beginning of May.
She is a new manager, and in her 3 months at Georgetown she has increased occupancy, lowered delinquency and achieved a 91% on her first audit.
I am proud to have Courtney as a member of our team.
~Monica Franzi

Starrview at Starr Pass
As you know, Starrview is under contract, and we have had some struggles with the occupancy this summer.
Over the past 6 weeks, we have had 26 move outs (15% of the property) and 33 move-ins (a 19% impact on occupancy.)
The team at Starrview has worked diligently to lease and turn these units. On Sunday, the property will be 97.72% occupied. This is an OUTSTANDING accomplishment when a few weeks ago we were trending to 88%.
I want to give a BIG tail wag to the ENTIRE team for a job well done!
~Monica Franzi

Grisel Serrano (Canyon Place)
Grisel Serrano, the Assistant Manager at Canyon Place, took the initiative handling 7 stolen money orders from the mail drop while her manager was on PTO. She worked with the affected residents and wrote a letter to all residents giving them tips on buying money orders and paying rent during the Labor Day weekend, which falls close to the 1st of the month. Thank you, Grisel, for taking this positive approach to helping our residents, and preventing potential concerns.

Jason, an adorable 4 year old resident at Georgetown stopped by the office today for a popsicle and advised Courtney and I that “this place is pretty much good”…. Tail wags from our younger residents are always welcome.
~Monica Franzi

Sun Villa Team
A big tail wag to the team at Sun Villa,; last week they were trending at 70%, and this week they are trending at 76%. The client is very happy and appreciative of all of your hard work!

Casa Bella Team, Trish Garcia, Sharon Stewart, Luz Bruscini and Sharea Escalante
Thank you to the team at Casa Bella [Trish, Sharon, Luz, and Sharea] for participating in the event at Casa Bella on Saturday.

Debbie Holder (District Manager)
I wanted to send you this thread and throw a big tail wag out to Debbie Holder.
We sent her flowers to the MEB offices today to say "Thank You" for the great 2nd Quarter awards & team building event that she held with the REP Portfolio properties a few weeks ago.
Not only did she do the quarterly awards and luncheon but she also included the teams in a competitive team building "BYOB" event: Build Your Own Boat!
The team work part of the activity in building your own cardboard boat and racing it against the other teams was fantastic! The teams were very excited to work together to build the best boat they could using only simple cardboard and household items and then racing their boats against each other. The ingenuity and team work needed to be successful in this endeavor is one that plays out every day in other ways at the properties. These activities and events help prepare and bring the teams together so they can tackle these daily problems more effectively.
Thanks also to Jodi for coming to the event. It meant a lot that you were able to be there.
~David Butler

Lori Gillespie, Sharon Stewart and Laura Lelyk (Tucson Corporate)
I want to send out a HUGE tail wag to Lori, Sharon and Laura who worked diligently on getting the vendor letters out for Starrview!
~Monica Franzi

Susan Kauffman
You have been most helpful with your expert approach and “can-do”, upbeat demeanor. Thank you for the great feedback and suggestions today; they will go far in improving occupancy quickly!
~Dalia Bureker

Laury Manville
Big tail wag and thanks to Laury Manville for working with Crystal in the Commercial Department last week. A thank you also for getting Regency finished.

Heidi Pearce
Ann Boomsma sent out a big tail wag to Heidi for meeting with a client last week. He had wonderful things to say about Heidi and LRO. Great job, Heidi!

Heidi Pearce, Tanya Garcia and MacKenzie Pasteur
Big tail wag and thanks to Heidi, Tanya and Mackenzie for all of their help with the 2013 Budgets.
~Kim Hinkle

Call Center Team
Thank you to the Call Center team and Angie Alvarado for providing a great trend report to the District Managers. Another tail wag to Angie for the wonderful survey she created for La Borgata. And a big tail wag to Jason and Ricky for working on their days off to help at Sun Villa.

Kaitlin Beisgen
Thank you and a big tail wag to Caitlin for working on her days off to help at other properties. Great team work!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Hearts for Little Hands

MEB has another opportunity to raise funds for Big Hearts for Little Hands!!
We are selling red, insulated, 22 oz tumblers complete with straw! These large tumblers are sporting the MEB logo along with Big Hearts for Little Hands and other sponsors! In addition, you can also get a window cling for your car, apartment, or office window!

How much for such fabulous items you ask?

One Tumbler and 2 Window Clings = $10.00
Tumblers = $7.00 each
Window Clings = $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

All proceeds benefit Big Hearts for Little Hands

Contact MEB TODAY to get yours before they are all gone!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Have You Heard???

Join the American Red Cross for a blood drive on Sunday August 26, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM! To schedule your appointment today, call the team at Casa Bella at 520.889.6001!

Awesome Tail Wags This Week Mebbies!

Sunrise Ridge
“My husband and I moved to Sunrise Ridge in April 2012. When we first did research on it, we were in Las Cruces, NM, and we didn’t know a thing about Tucson. We’re mostly interested in (1) safety, (2) management availability and resources, and (3) if it was a “party area” – i.e. do a lot of college students move in and throw a lot of parties making it a noisy and mis-managed community?
We visited and researched other apartments, but we immediately fell in love with Sunrise Ridge to the point where after speaking with one of the managers, we drove over to the bank to put in an application. We loved how the managers lived in the community; we love how EVERYONE smiles; we love how it is maintained; we love how we are kept abreast of the events; we love how we are updated when a communal tool is broken (such as gym machines); and we love how none of the other residents want to leave. My husband is getting his PhD at University of Arizona and will be teaching, and I am a marketing consultant for KOLD (a local TV CBS affiliate) --- we REQUIRE a quiet, enjoyable, and beautiful home to come to at the end of the day. We found it with Sunrise Ridge apartments, and we’re really excited to be living here.“
~Sunrise Ridge Resident

Jacolyn and Juan (Encore on Farmer)
A thank you and big tail wag for Jacolyn and Juan at Encore on Farmer. The elevator went out again this weekend leaving four residents stranded on the first floor. Jacolyn ran up and down the five flights of stairs to bring the residents their things. Jacolyn and Juan did a great job getting the elevator fixed quickly and taking care of the residents.

Sun Villa
The team at Sun Villa rented 10 apartments in two weeks, closing at 70%. Great job, Sun Villa Team!!

Riverview Park
Riverview Park is now 95% leased; way to go, Riverview Park Team!!

Jim and Steve Kowalski
A big thank you goes to Jim and Steve Kowalski for supporting MEB in Friday’s Bowl-a-thon. MEB brings home another 1st place award. We had great team spirit and a lot of fun! A big shout out to the following for their participation: Eli, Vicki, Alyssa, Dalia, America, Jamie, Stacey, JD, Terry, Kelly, Robin, Kim, Griselda and Heidi.

La Palma, Alante, Crosswinds, Laguna, Sienna Springs, Westover Park, Townhomes on the Park, Tela Verde, Whispering Meadows and Tuscany Palms
We will be distributing 10,000 pencils for the students and cookie baskets for the teacher's lounge-this week to surrounding schools for La Palma, Alante, Crosswinds, Laguna, Sienna Springs, Westover Park, Townhomes on the park, Tela Verde, Whispering Meadows, Tuscany Palms-A big thank you to all the sites that contacted their schools and spoke to the principals and office school.

Accounting Team
Another tail wag this week for our wonderful account department: Judie Albano, Laury Manville, Tracy Bergstrand, Sharea Escalante and Anastasia Guida. Many of them worked through the weekend. Thank you, accounting team!! A big thank you also goes out to all of District Managers for your patience.

Mark Schilling
A huge tail wag goes out to Mark Schilling this week for all of his hard work with new business requests and proposals. Thank you, Mark!!

Kim Davis
A big tail wag goes out to our Tucson district manager Kim Davis, for working through the weekend at our Pinetop property Appletree. Thank you, Kim!!
Another tail wag was given to Kim by Jodi Sheahan. Jodi was at Glenstone this past week with the client. Kim remembered the client’s Anniversary and brought in a cake; Jodi said the client was very touched.

Lori Gillespie
Dalia Bureker and Judie Albano sent a tail wag out to Lori Gillespie for getting the Villagio Reserve Replacement out. A big project she completed with little instruction. Thank you, Lori!!

Heidi Pearce and Tanya Garcia
Dalia sent a big thanks to Heidi and Tanya for all their help setting up a budget meeting.

Rebecca Lawther
Mike Kienast sent a big tail wag and “thank you” to Rebecca Lawther for her help finishing the fitness center at Townhomes on the Park. The owner was thrilled when he stopped by the property this weekend. Thank you, Rebecca!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Community Health Fair

Join the Casa Bella team on Saturday August 25th from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM for a community health fair!! For more details contact the team at 520.889.6001!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Tail Wags for August 13th!

La Borgata
“LA BORGATA STAFF ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN. Come see the facility, meet the staff and view the area inside and out. You will be absolutely amazed at how well-maintained the facility is and how pro-active and helpful the management and staff are. The staff is professional and understanding. You cannot find a better group who love what they do and are always ready to greet you with a smile on their face. What a great place to be and live.”
~Resident Rating and Review submitted via the La Borgata Website

Midtown on Main
“I just have to say that the office staff here is the best I have ever had. Thanks, Midtown!”
~Resident post on Midtown’s Facebook page

Connie Martin (Fiesta Village)
Fiesta Village recently had SRP replacing the electrical transformers on-site, and the owner incurred $1800 in costs; this was due to turning chillers off and on-twice, towing 3 cars, and the workers broke a fitting on one of the chillers. Connie was persistent at working with SRP, taking photos, and requesting reimbursement for damages they caused while working on the property. Connie’s persistence paid off, and SRP reimbursed the property $1,000. Great job, Connie!!

Jonah (Mirabella Heights)
“I would like to submit a tail wag for our new leasing consultant! He really deserves to be recognized.
This is the close of his 1st week “alone” and he has secured 5 leases as well as having very good prospects for some more!!!! He is doing a great job.”
~Caitlin Ganas, Mirabella Heights

University West
Rebecca Lawther wanted to recognize the University West Team. Her cousin stopped by the property this last Saturday, and she said the staff was charming and fun. Then a friend of hers stopped by the property later and had the same experience. Way to go, University West Team!!

Trish Garcia (Human Resources Manager)
“Kudos to Trish Garcia for providing me within 5 minutes a report needed to respond to a client. The salary band by position and property size was created by Trish and sent to me in a short 5-minute turnaround. Thank you, Trish, for your support and the comprehensive & impressive report. You are truly appreciated professionally & personally.”
~Dalia Bureker, District Manager

Wendi Nash (Corporate Office Manager)
Wendi received a tail wag from Joy Taylor at HUD. Joy needed some information on assets for a former client of MEB. Wendi had all of the reports she needed and was able to get them to her quickly. Joy said that she really misses MEB.

Ricky Gonzalez (Leasing Central)
Thank you and tail wag for Ricky Gonzalez for volunteering at La Palma for 3 days… great teamwork!

Tracy Bergstrand (Accounting)
Tracy received two tail wags this morning. The first was for helping Angie Alvarado with the Call Center invoices, and the second was for helping with an urgent cash transfer for a client last week. Thank you, Tracy!!

Accounting Department
A huge tail wag goes out to our accounting department for coming in over the weekend!! Thank you, Laury Manville, Sharea Escalante, Anastasia Guida and Judie Albano.

Judie Albano (Accounting Supervisor)
A special tail wag goes out to Judie Albano who worked while on Vacation this past week to help with the Summercreek sale. Thank you, Judie!!


Monday, August 6, 2012

MEB Tail Wags for Monday August 6th!!


Mebbies Rock!!! Our Phoenix and Tucson communities collected 148 backpacks for Rainbow Housing.

Adan Lomeli (Biltmore on the Lake)

“Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with how quickly you got to my water leak in the bathroom ceiling. Adan fixed it properly and also was very friendly.”
~Biltmore on the Lake Resident

Carlos and Justin (Arches/Canyon Terrace)
A huge tail wag goes out to Carlos and Justin from The Arches and Canyon Terrace for jumping in to help at Casa De Sherry when a water leak in a vacant unit caused the ceiling to collapse in the apartment below it.

Eric Pember (Midtown on Main)
“Thank you for replacing our refrigerator in a timely manner! We appreciate a lot Eric’s help with this! We enjoy being a part of the Midtown community. We love it here!”
~Midtown on Main Resident

Jamie Gutierrez (Monarch)
Dalia Bureker wanted to send a tail wag and “thank you’ to Jamie Gutierrez for offering her assistance and expertise to a sister property with outreach marketing. Thank you Jaime!!

Megan Jones (Zona Rio)
“We would like to recognize Megan – for helping coordinate the assigning of the wait list student units so smoothly! It’s been a team effort, but she handled the waitlist assignments so smoothly, nearly every student was happy with their location!! She recognizes the needs listed on the initial guest card request and from the wait list students and she was able to fit them in the perfect apartment for their wants and needs.”
~Christy Davis, Community Manager and Luz Bruscini, District Manager

Mackenzie Pasteur (Administrative Assistant, Phoenix Corporate Office)
“MacKenzie and I have been working thru the process on market surveys this last week. She made some tweaks to the report that made my job easier. THANK YOU, Mac! It will make a big difference!"
~Susan Kauffman, Marketing Director

Tanya Garcia (Software Support & Trainer)
“Thank you to Tanya for taking ideas and then creating our YouTube Videos - they are awesome!”
~Susan Kauffman, Director of Marketing

Ralph with Tucson Appliance
“On the 31st Ralph from Tucson Appliance came in to see me. While he was here, my new resident from Project Action walked in looking for a furniture store. Ralph pulled out a flyer. Samuel was very appreciative, and stated that he was tired of sleeping on the floor. I asked him if he had any furniture, to which he replied he had nothing. He is using tap water to make his coffee. After he left, I told Ralph a little about Project Action. He had tears in his eyes and said that he would be right back. 30 minutes later he showed up with a set of pots and pans, a toaster, and a can opener that he had just purchased.
Matt took the new items to Samuel. He poked his head in the door and said that he was extremely touched. I told him the items were from the gentleman that was sitting at my desk during his earlier visit. I had someone with me at the time, but I am trying to get hold Samuel and offer him some of our kitchen items we never use.
Samuel gave himself to fight for our country, and it’s about time someone showed him their gratitude!
Tucson Appliance claims to be community driven, and Ralph lives up to that very claim!!!”
~Carla Harris, Catalina Palms, Community Manager